Fashion November

It’s sweater weather. It’s leather weather. It’s time-to-start-stocking-up-on-the-new-winter-trends weather. November is here, whether we believe it or not, and that means coat season is officially upon us. For the next few months, comfort, texture, and practicality are key — layering is now unavoidable, ankle booties are an everyday must, and a solid and reliable (but still cool, of course) jacket is key. And while it may seem like a challenge (or, perhaps even unnecessary) to spend so much time coming up with an outfit that’s just going to get covered up anyway, there’s so much more to getting dressed this month than throwing on a scarf and heading out the door.

No outerwear trend has caught on quite as rapidly as bomber jackets have over the past year. And we have our theories as to why that is. First, practicality. They’re ideal for in between seasons and vary in weight and fabrication, meaning you’ll be able to find one that’s light enough for summer and also one that’s warm enough for winter. Essentially, they’re a year-round staple. Second, the Gigi factor. This trend quickly became a celebrity and supermodel favorite, and, truthfully, that’s all it really took to go viral. And finally, personalization. There are enough options out there to truly find one that’s all your own (and, as a bonus, they go hand-in-hand with 2016’s pins-and-patches obsession).

Now that we’ve given you three solid reasons why bomber jackets are still the real style MVPs, click on to shop a whole bunch of picks that we bet will make their way into your closet pretty damn soon.

But after passing the hundredth person on your commute in the same black leather jacket, you can start craving some color. “Changing or challenging your color choices can be one of the most uplifting things to change in your wardrobe. It can change your mood, change your impression, change how other people see you,” says Tonya Blazio-Licorish, a research assistant at the Met and lecturer at the Fashion Institute of Technology.